Tilda Swinton channels the otherworldly creature one might read about in the pages of a fantasy novel: alabaster, lithe and mysterious, with a secret that might shake the world to its core. She is but a large and graceful bird of paradise, one that is rare and elusive. In the new series of ads for Pomellato’s 2011 Victoria collection, Swinton is a pale statue, sinewy arms and alert posture, as if she might fly away escaping the confines of Earth at any moment.

The ad is striking in its unruffled, muted quality and really puts the most important thing on display: the jewelry. In a nod to the trend of the season, rose gold, Tilda dons the “Victoria” earring, featuring a curling and winding maze of jet that grounds her face in a unique flourish of beauty.  For a customer that defines herself with elegant simplicity while looking for something truly special, they have met their match in this unparalleled pair of earrings.

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